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Together was site-specific work of public art telling the story of the unlikely friendship between a Squirrel and a Fox, during a snowy winter in Corsham.

The work was largely inspired by the local community and the events which have unfolded throughout 2020. None of us could have ever imagined in 2019, the events that have evolved throughout 2020, and certainly, none of us would have thought that we faced the prospect of a winter which we would celebrate apart.

The work takes its inspiration from the local scenery and wildlife of Corsham and was inspired by the many acts of kindness, ingenuity and reinvention the community of Corsham showed throughout 2020. The work touches on how although we have had to be apart we can still appreciate friendships, loved ones from a distance and how we may overcome such obstacles to do so.

Made using hand-cut vinyl, and hand-cut paper stop motion animation, the work encompasses many symbolisms and recurrent themes including kindness, re-imagination, rejuvenation and growing wisdom and knowledge to name just a few. The playful way the characters interact resemble how many in the local community joyfully helped and supported each other, finding ways to be together yet apart. Sticking together to show strength, yet showing respect for our fragility as a human race, by staying apart, and caring for those that are more vulnerable than ourselves.


This project was conceived by Lost and Rambling’s Artistic Director Aimée Holmes whilst sipping tea in her kitchen. Aimée has been creating experiences as Lost and Rambling since 2015 and has worked extensively in site-specific work and street performance since 2009. She is continuously inspired by creating moments of magic for people to stumble upon in their everyday. Lost and Rambling work with artists in different disciplines on each project they create and are excited about the nuances of cross-discipline working. This project brought on board Caroline Rudge to work for the Collective. This is Caroline's first project working for Lost and Rambling, and they hope not the last!

Caroline brought her extensive expertise to the project including her beautiful stop-motion animation which could be seen in two of Corsham Town Hall windows. She worked within the conceptual framework of the project to help bring Lost and Rambling’s ideas to life in what we hope you agree is a little touch of magic at the end of a tough year.

With thanks to Corsham Town Council who commissioned the project, and also to Pound Arts who supported the project throughout.

Together was at Town Hall, Corsham, 4 December 2020 to 3 January 2021.

Creative Team: Aimée Holmes, Caroline Rudge.


A few words from Corsham Town Council:

“Working with Lost and Rambling on ‘Together’ was a delight. The installation – and its message - was perfect for both the building, the town and the time in which we found ourselves. The commissioning process was easy. Bringing the piece to life was planned meticulously, even with the complications of social-distancing and having to work around staff being on site. And Aimee’s ongoing care for the project, and her regular checks on everything involved with it, was constantly reassuring. If ‘Together’ could bring so much joy to Corsham during the hardest festive season most of us have ever known, we can’t begin to imagine what Lost and Rambling will do when we’re living in brighter times. And we can’t wait to find out as we will definitely work with Aimee and Lost and Rambling again in the future.” Sharon Thomas - Corsham Town Council

Audience Feedback from Together

“it’s stunning.. Thank you!! Made Corsham just a little bit more special this Christmas”

“Absolutely Beautiful!”

“Magical and definitely lifted my spirits!”

“Absolutely loved it. Thanks so much for making this happen - another reminder why it’s so special to live in Corsham”

“It was stunning! Visited many times and really added a touch of fantasy sparkle to Corsham in a dull year. Thank you so much”

squirrel and fox still2